Welcome to a story of wine and the passion that started it all! My business partner David Schlessman and I met while I was working for a local “fine wine and food” shop here in Houston. As we started discussing the wines we enjoyed and the regions we had traveled to, we both realized that we had a lot in common. We both shared a passion for “Old World” traditions that include great wine, great food and of course the missing link: “art of conversation” and socializing.

We discussed the rusticity and elegance in the ways of Europe and how after a long hard day in the vineyard everyone would come together as a community to share food, wine and discuss the daily topics.
became a realization to us both regarding our fast paced modern civilization was, not
very much is really civilized! Our expressions shared as two people who really believe
the romantic ideals of times long past are about to be resurrected has
given birth to “The Wine Express.”

“The first crush is never forgotten…”
Catherine Young